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Ogless has a wide range of images, all generated by our own custom fractal algorithms. The images that it creates are so varied and alluring that I have devoted a separate gallery to view a small selection of them. They are all unique to Ogless, it is impossible that you have seen them anywhere else because we are the only people to have the software to generate them. If you are interested in one or more of the image or the algorithms please use our contact form to reach me.

All the algorithms are variations on the theme of fractal algorithms, which we have created to produce complex and strange images.

Ogless imageOgless imageOgless imageOgless image


For all about the mathematics behind our amazing images please refer to our fractal page.

The Origins of Ogless

Og'less [1] adj. To be without Og. Og is a mythical god popularized in the TV series ‘The Office’.
Ogless [2] n. Female form of an ogle - a person who looks with avid and amorous intent.
O'gless [3] n. An ancient (6th century) Irish hero O'Gless who saved the people of Sligo from marauding Vikings.
Ogle'ss [4] n. Derived from the juxtaposition Ogle and the acronym for 'screen saver'. A screen saver that people often ogle at.

About Ogless

Ogless™ is developed and maintained by Silurian Software . Silurian Software has long development experience of Windows stretching back to the earliest days of Microsoft® Windows® in 1988. The range of software applications created by the company has been extremely diverse including development tools, server applications, e-mail and Internet monitoring products. We have been selling software over the Internet for over 25 years.

For more information about the company click on the Silurian Software link .

Company address

My postal and registered address is as follows :

Silurian Software Limited
1, Shipton C1ose

Company registered in the U.K. Number 03695806.

Cracking China

Cracking China book

Your A-Z key to understanding all things Chinese

We are proud to announce a new printed book all about China. It is an informal set of sixty topics in A-Z order covering everything from hair to kiwifruit, pandas to dragons.


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